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    Seamless ordering

    Helping to sell more and save cost

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What you get

  • All–in-1
  • App Ordering
  • Kiosk Ordering
  • Web Ordering
  • Wifi Ordering
ALL – IN - 1

Kiosk ordering mobile app, web-ordering, in-store ordering – we take care of all ordering systems for your restaurant of café. Manage all platforms via single system.


Own your brand with a fully bespoke dining experience. We'll capture your brand's aesthetic and character into a digital product you'll be proud to call your own.


Turn instinct into data with our integrated feedback and analytics platform. Collect, measure and improve how your customer's feel about your service..


Robust EPOS, Payment, and delivery integrations keeps your kitchen and front of house staff running at full capacity, without the need for additional training.


  • Standard design customisation
  • iPad Screen (9.7 inch or 12.9 inch)
  • Single location
  • 1-2 Kiosks (or 1 Kiosk + Wifi Ordering)
  • Accept payments via iZettle
  • Email support.

Per Month

  • Standard design customisation
  • Choose screen size (9.7 inch, 12.9 inch, 22 inch, 27 inch, 32 inch)
  • Single location
  • Unlimited number of Kiosks
  • Wifi Ordering
  • Accept payments via iZettle / Summup
  • Email support
  • Online ordering and delivery integration with Stuart

Per Month

  • Bespoke user experience designed special to your brand
  • Choose screen size (9.7 inch, 12.9 inch, 22 inch, 27 inch, 32 inch)
  • Multi-location support
  • Unlimited number of Kiosks
  • Wifi Ordering
  • Online Ordering
  • Mobile App
  • Accept payments via various payment gateways
  • Food delivery
  • Dedicated phone support

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