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As part of The Bakery, an accelerator space that specialises in bridging the gap between large brands and start-ups, we were introduced to AB InBev to help them with their World Cup activation strategy. Budweiser was the headline sponsor of the World Cup and we were tasked with introducing technology to raise brand awareness but also align the brand with a cutting edge experience.


One of the key requirements of the system was to be more than a marketing gimmick for operators, it actually had to increase revenue. By streamlining operations the system was designed to reduce staff requirements and at the same time increase serving capacity. In testing on busy nights, we proved that the bars capacity to serve drinks was increased by up to 70%.


- Targeted Marketing

- Cross Selling / Up Selling

- Customer Feedback

- Customer Analytics

- Social Media Integrations

- Streamlined operations


Our cutting edge solution meant customers could spend more time focusing on the game and less time staring at the backs of people's heads. A quick order process and in-app payment meant they could order from the comfort of their seat and receive a notification when to collect their round from the bar.


- Loyalty Rewards

- Splitting Tabs

- Gamified Ordering Process

- One-Click Re-Ordering

- Social Media Integrations

- Streamlined operations


At busy venues during large sporting events, queues at the bars can horrendous. We designed an app that could solve this pain point and be a cutting edge touch point for the brand.

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