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Lara Workrooms is a novel and exciting co-working concept. The vision is to have a modern accessible space with a core of old school, great hospitality. Lara wanted us to build them an app to fit this concept and their revolutionary pay as you go charging method. They wanted to remove members having to pay daily for desk space or sitting uncomfortably in cafes by charging in 15 minute increments. The app allows you to manage all aspects of your Lara experience, including connecting to Wi-Fi, booking rooms and ordering food and drinks.


  1. Ensure that customers are only charged for the time they are on site.
  2. Create and design a simple clean aesthetic.
  3. Create an efficient user experience so members could access and understand all features from first sign up.
  4. Deliver a system that allowed Lara staff to know which members were on site and as a result deliver a personalised experience to them.
  5. Deliver the app on iOS and Android as well as as a web app and website.
  6. Use the latest technologies to ensure a seamless experience between the space and the app.
  7. Integrate with the Revel till system for all food and drinks orders to the café.


  • A system using Wi-Fi and beacons that ensures that members time of arrival and exit are recorded accurately so they are only charged for the time spent in the building
  • A system that integrates with third party workspace software.
  • Custom made CMS so staff know who is on site, what their preferences are and their past behaviour.
  • This custom CMS allows staff to deliver a high level of service based on data not just soft hospitality skills.
  • iOS, Android and Web specific designs and user experiences so all three apps have a native feel on each ecosystem.
  • Created a bulletproof system for booking meeting rooms and other areas.
  • Built a bespoke Revel integrated Food and Drinks delivery system.
  • A flexible platform that can expand to include new features such as indoor location finding and customer specific marketing.


Working on a new concept in an emerging marketplace was challenging and rewarding. The app delivered meets all the requirements requested during scoping. The nature of Lara is such that we built many apps in to one. We combined an entry and exit timing app, a booking app and a food and beverage ordering. To have marry those features into a frictionless customer experience is something that we are very proud of.


  • BPL Digital did an incredible job creating an app to that is central to the Lara experience rather than an additional feature. The app looks great and BPL have delivered on every feature request we have made. When released, the app will change the workspace landscape.

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